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One year ago, my doctor suggested I eliminate gluten from my diet due to chronic joint pain at the site of an old injury. This pain had been occurring for many years and had limited my mobility. I had been to multiple doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists...etc..etc..

by about one month after going gluten free, my pain diminished by half --- enough to let me participate (recreationally) in sports I was once seriously competitive in...

However, someone very close to me has a problem with this -- I don't have celiacs, and this person feels that its all in my head -- especially after reading a magazine article about how so few people have celiacs, but so many people are eating gluten free, and the article quoted a nutritionist who suggested that most people feel better because their diets become healthier overall by cutting out refined flours and junk foods filled with gluten. This person has really attached to that statement and keeps trying to feed me all sorts of food with wheat in it.

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that gluten-free diets have been beneficial for all sorts of ailments from fibromyalga to arthritis and other forms of chronic pain, but where is the scientific evidence? I would love to show this person that there is proof that eliminating gluten and getting pain relief wasn't just in my head. I need to know of an actual (credible) study that looked at non-celiac gluten intolerance, and not just some random page on the internet that says pain is symptom of gluten intolerance.

know of any??

thanks in advance!!!



you did not say were you tested for celiac disease or not. You may have celiac disease with a bowel inflammation but without any bowel problems. You can have "gluten intolerance", which is intolerance to gluten without any bowel inflammation (and is not the same as celiac disease). Another form is "dematitis herpetiformis", an itchy skin rash that can appear alone or with bowel problems. Joint symptoms can also appear in celiac disease, with or without digestive problems.

If gluten-free diet helps you, why bother to fight with others? Smart people chose diet according to its effect...