today i went to the doctor and was told i had scoliosis, i have had a hump for a while but thought it was just a posture problom, im really nervous and scared right now. i need any advice i could on how to think and cope with this, im afraid of sergery but i dont want to wear a big brace or something either, im very confused about this, i couldnt find much info on google, so please help me

from what i see i dont notice side to side curveture, more like outer curve like the link below, please advice???


i do have scoliosis, not severe; as for the hump, it is called postural kyphosis aka(roundback), bellow will be links, any advice on how to help the kyphosis would be well appreciated. the reason this bothers me is because im 16 still in high school, it sucks so bad seeing fine women going by me everyday, but dont even look at me in any way, it effects me in a lot of ways the cause of it complicates everything more, im a chunky guy as well, socially i am dead, and want something done, please help