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I am a lady aged 22 years.I tested positive for pregnancy,my pregnancy is two weeks old.

I would like to have an abortion but,wouldnt want to see a doctor as this will expose me.

Kindly advice on what substance,drug,treatment i can acquire to have a safe and secret abortion by self.



It is unethical to provide you with that kind of information. Not on the basis of abortion but on the basis that aborting a fetus has inherent complications that could be harmful to your health.

There is usually substantial blood loss involved in any type of abortion. You would need to be supervised. You should go directly to an OB/GYN to discuss your options. It may not be too late to consider medications like "Plan B" or "the morning after" despite the name of the later it has had established efficacy much longer than 24 hours.


PSYCHRIS- PLAN B is not appropriate for her.

You cannot use that if you ARE PREGNANT, it is not an abortion.

Surgical aboriton causes VERY LITTLE blood loss. I should know, because I work in an abortion clinic and assist with the procedure itself. I have also had 3 abortions.

You really should get some medical knowledge before you make statements that are untrue. I am a health care professional, degreed, and licensed.

To the LADY-


You need to see a doctor.


Plan B can be used in higher doses as an abortifacient in the first two months of pregnancy. It is more common to use Mifepristone a.k.a RU-486. (which can be used as an emergency contraceptive in LOW doses).




PLAN IS is hormones that prevent OVULATION.

STUDY AFTER STUDY shows that it cannot and does not cause abortion.

MIFEPRISTONE is a hormone that actually KILLS the fetus.

They are two different things.

I am a health care professional, it is my job to know these things and to dispel myths.


ALL PLAN B is is a high dose of progsterone.

Mifepristone is a drug that causes the fetus to die by stopping the heart and other major vial organs.

TWO completely different things.

SECONDLY, Mifepristone cannot be used ALONE.

It has to be used with another drug that causes contractions which expel the fetal tissue.

I do not know what country you live in, but your medical knowledge is not from any medical school that I have attended, or anyone else that I also work with.


interesting...causes the fetus to DIE you wrote


Please don't have an abortion...I just lost my son at 14 weeks. I held his small, dead body in my arms. He was perfectly formed, with 10 fingers and 10 toes.

Since he died in Sept. 07, I have grieved painfully for him. I have found myself crying uncontrollably at times, while doing the most mundane things. Many on here will tell you that there are no emotional or physical or spiritual consequences to abortion. Given that I have been wracked by the worst grief possible--the only way I can describe it is to say it was like a flaming sword was slashed across my soul--I know with certainty that the damage must be so much worse for a mother who ends her child's life deliberately through abortion.

I really beg you to consider your child before you abort. However he came into the world, it was not his fault that he came into it under imperfect circumstances. Given all the love and beauty you have experienced in your life, why would you want to deprive another person of that? Much less your own child?

Abortion is forever. No one ever regrets having their child, but MANY, MANY women regret having an abortion. I also have found that most of my rabidly pro-choice friends are just trying to justify their own actions by encouraging other women to abort. The more who have aborted, the less likely they are to be judged or have to face what they did.

I really am not judging you. I know you must be very frightened to even be considering such a thing. But please consider options that do not require you to end the life of your baby. You do know that an unborn child's heart is beating at 18 days past conception, don't you?


First of all if you are medical students and health professionals you need to learn how to conduct yourselves in an appropriate manner and not throw around titles. That will make it alot worse when you turn out to be wrong. No one can be right all the time.

The poster did not indicate that she was considering a surgical abortion. Therefore in my statements I did not include that as a possibility. Even you Carifairy indicate there is no safe way to do a home abortion. The risk of home abortions often include substantial blood loss.

In reference to Plan B. Hormonal contraceptives (like plan B) have three mechanisms of action: 1) Prevent ovulation, 2) Thicken the cervical mucous to prevent sperm from entering the uterus and fallopian tube 3) Alter the lining of the uterus so implantation cannot take place. The third action, if and when it occurs, is abortifacient (meaning a human life has begun but cannot continue to develop without the nourishment provided through the mother’s uterine wall)

Just because the poster said she was two weeks pregnant does not mean that she is. She could be using the two week standard of a home pregnancy test but actually only be 9 days pregnant. She could still be in a predecidualization phase which would enable hormonal contraceptives to work.

I was not suggesting she use Plan B either. I was simply naming common emergency contraceptives to get her in the right frame of mind to visit an OB/GYN.

To the poster I apologize for not explaining all options available to you. This is a very delicate process and not something that should be decided upon without professional consultation, face to face.



I have finished school YEARS ago.

YOU wrote that PLAN B can be used up to 2 MONTHS In pregnancy..

IMPLANTATION is not two months into pregnancy.

PREGNANCY is DEFINED as an ALREADY implanted fetus, so PLAN B cannot be an abortion if you use the MEDICAL definitions.


Then that would (as I said) make you a health professional and not a student..

Plan be can act as an abortificant by medical definition as I provided and it can also be used as emergency contraception.

I said "in" the first two months, not up to. I suppose it would have been more grammatically correct to say "with in."

At this point you are merely arguing in semantics and it's no longer productive for us to continue to engage in this type of discussion.


Whatever you choose to do please make sure you have thought it over and that it's a safe method for you.