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On holidays in Europe (south of Spain to be exact) I woke up one morning with a horrible headache, which persisted all day until turning into a severe migraine, bringing nausea with it but I guess they usually go together.
Spent that night in bed, thinking id be better in the morning.
Instead, the headache eventually went away but the nausea got so much worse, along with diarrhea and severe stomach cramps.

Over a few weeks the other symptoms disappeared except the nausea which actually got worse!
I spent over a month in bed, with a bucket in my lap, but did not actually vomit once.
Eventually the nausea became more tolerable, and I can now cope (most days) on ginger tea and lots of water.

However, what I did NOT see coming was this horrible loss of balance that I now suffer from!! I feel like I'm on a boat all the time, some days the seas feel rougher than others, and some days I feel like i'm going to faint!

I've had every test I can think of asking for; blood tests, stool test, urine test, ultrasound on upper abdomen, MRI, endoscopy & colonoscopy but nothing has been found. I did have a balance/hearing test which detected a "vestibular weakness" on the left side, but no one knows for sure what caused it.

I'm only 29 and this has been going on for 6 months.
I've lost my job, my social life, and fairly soon i may lose my sanity if something doesnt clear this up!!
Thanks in advance!


I have also been diagnosed with a vestibular loss on the left side. I started having symptom at age 25 and am now 30. I have found a website to be very helpful. You may never know the cause for the damage. My Dr told me it could have been a virus that damaged the nerve. You may benefit from physical therapy which you can read about on the site. You are not alone and I hope this helps some.


I also had a very similar thing happen. I just woke up one day with a migraine, tinnitus and pressure in my head. A motnh later I had other symptoms including vertigo all the time. All they have found is a left sided vestibular loss and I am going for balance therapy. I have constant headaches, pressure and dizziness and they say I will likely have to deal with this my whole life. I am only 36 and this began when I was 34. They have no idea what caused it.