I was on methadone for about two and half years. I dropped to 35 mg at 5 mg per week, and then switched to suboxen. I thought wow this is a miracle drug. It was all smooth sailing after about four hours after I started taking suboxen, 2 mg every four hours until bed time. I was only on a one month detox plan, dropping down every three days throughout the month. I experienced very mild symptons every time I would dropp, but nothing very uncomfortable, just a little less energy. When I got to the end of the month, I was so ready to be off of everything. It had been a month since I was on methadone, and I didnt' think I was on suboxen long enough to be highly addicted, boy was I wrong! This is now day four with nothing in my system. This has been one of the worst experiences of my life. I called my docter, and he said I could come back in and he would give me ten more days worth at 1 mg per day. I'm not sure if that is the right thing to do or not, becuase I've already made it four days now with nothing. I pounded water for the last three days, which probably made it worse, but do you think I'm over the worst, or should I go back on for ten days. I'm suppost to start school in four days, and haven't been able to sleep for three days straight, and my back is killing me. My back seems to be the worst now. Cold sweats are seeming to be smaller. Do you think my detox could only last five days since I was only on for one month, or is it going to be everlasting, because I was on methadone for over two years. I am writing this too late, because I'm debating going today.