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My partner doesnt like her clit being touched. I cant rub/massage it (yes I'm very gently) infact if I try n tickle it she hates it, when I go down on her i cant go near it i have to go past it and go lower. The only time she likes me going down on her is if I use a toy inside her at the same time or penetrate with my finger. She cant do external pleasure or touch. Any help with this would be great as I love going down on her pleasuring her is the best feeling in the world please help.


My wife's clitoris is also to sensitive to touch directly. I keep her outer lips close and rub her clitoris through it. I think we as men usually think that all women rub their clitorises directly but I think for many of them it is just to sensitive. I hope a few ladies will see this post and give us some light on this.