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When it comes to making the transition from casual dating to a more serious relationship, some women make the mistake of holding out for their knight in shining armor. Sadly, the image of a perfect man is often an unrealistic expectation.

Every woman has her own expectations of what character trait she finds attractive in a potential mate. Unfortunately, some women make the mistake of not being able to look deep enough to find the positive attributes that can give a relationship more meaning. Some women can’t see beyond the book’s cover, and end up engaging in a relationship based on superficial factors. These relationships never have the staying power to make it through the long haul.

Good Looks

Physical attraction is important. That feeling you get when an attractive man walks into the room is nature’s way of signaling to you that you may have a strong physical chemistry with him. Chemistry is important, but it won’t go very far if the guy does not have other important qualities as well. Beauty has to run deep, and no matter how attracted you are to his outer beauty, if he is not a good person on the inside, then it’s time to move on.


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Financially Stable

Just about every little girl at some point in her childhood has dreamed about growing up and marrying her Prince Charming. He swoops her up and carries her off to his castle where they will live a lavish life of luxury surrounded by royalty and riches. Though many girls let go of that fantasy as they grow into adulthood, some women hold out to find that wealthy man who will shower her in riches and lead her to a life of luxury.

And while there’s nothing wrong with dating a man that has money, it should never be the main factor on your criteria list. Money without substance is not enough to make a relationship last. Material goods will only go so far, and all the exotic vacations, diamonds and pearls in the world won’t make up for a man who is never there or one who treats you poorly when he is.

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