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I am suffering from knee pain for the past 18 months and some time i get pain in right wrist and left feet near toe. Am under treatment of Sulfasalazine for 6 weeks and completed 5 weeks, no improvement till now. I have swelling on top of my right knee filled with synovial fluid for the past 6 months which is not reducing, already aspirated twice still i get it back.
I am 33 years old and really suffering at work and do not play any sports for the past 1 year, my job is affected because of this problem since i am into operation and keep walking and meet clients.

Please suggest me the way to get better and catch up with my normal life.


Please meet a Rheumatologist as soon as possible. There are 1000s of joint related problems these days and only a Rheumatologist will be able to help you diagose and give you right treatment.