I am a 33 year old male who had a genetic disorder wich caused deformities in both of my hips and hands my Femoral heads were not round so i did not have very good range of motion. I was told that in time by the age of 18 i would need both hips replaced. I am 6 weeks post op on my first hip replacment wich is my left and it is great. I was and still am a high risk for an unsucessful outcome my femur bone is so small they were afraid it may shatter and my right hip my worse one i have really worn out the socket so they may not be able to actually insert the new socket as there is nothing to hold it to. I am scheduled for a right hip replacment in April or May. I had severe pain for about 2 weeks and my knee felt horrible as soon as awoke from surgery i thought i had mad a huge mistake however i kept pushing and the knee pain is gone and i have more range of motion than i have ever had and still have high hopes for my right hip to go smooth. I was scared to death before surgery but i found a great doctor and i was fully ready my only regreat is i waited so long and was in so much pain since my late teens so if your debating it and its giving you more pain than you can stand DO IT.. im not sure how long mine will last as i have a sever bone disorder but just having one completed has changed my quaility of life a great deal i have high hopes for the right hip but still concerned about the small femur bone and the worn out hip socket... and questions or support on this matter would be apprecatted