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I was just wondering if you all think sulfasalazine really helps Reactive Arthritis.  I've only been dealing with this for two months, but this stinks!  I never had a pain or a medical issue in my life until this hit, and it was in reaction to a UTI I had.  The swelling has gone down considerably in most joints, but it feels like it has reached a plateau and is NOT going away.  I have multiple joints that are still very painful and inflamed, while a couple others have calmed down to nearly "normal."  I had to stop all workouts for a while, but I can do cardio again and "boxing" drills.  I can NOT do any weightlifting yet as my left wrist is still very bad.  Walking can be quite painful some days, and not so bad on other days.

The rheumatologist has sort of a "I don't know if it will help, but we can try it" attitude towards sulfasalazine and methotrexate, so we're going to try it for a month and see if it makes a difference.  I've gone from 20 mg of prednisone to 10 and now 5, and he wants me off the prednisone a.s.a.p.

Have any of you had positive results with sulfasalazine, and have you found anything else to expedite healing?  I'd love to hear some ideas on how to make this go away faster, if you have any.

Thanks in advance, and best wishes to all of you who are also dealing with this.


You may want to consider combination antibiotic therapy.  In a recent clinical trial performed by Dr. John Carter, Zithromax and rifampin administered for six months were shown to be effective at symptoms in trial participants with chronic ReA.