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Hello. I'm 22 year old student and recently I have started to feel really strong pain in my abdomen. The pain isn’t superficial but deep and located more on the low right side of abdomen.
I don’t know what could cause this but what’s more interesting- pains get worse just before my exam and then, after, it calmed down a bit.
So, I believe that there is a connection between my emotional status and pain. My friend experienced similar thing about a year ago and he was diagnosed with appendicitis.
Could this be acute appendicitis and do I need a surgery or what?


Well, your friend certainly didn’t experience the same thing like you because symptoms in acute appendicitis are dramatic and extremely painful. So, I don’t believe this could be your case.
There can be several things that could cause your abdominal pains. Sometimes a viral or bacterial infection is responsible. In other cases, the pain may be an early sign of something more serious.
Inflammation of the colon may cause pain in your lower right abdomen. And there is one condition called Irritable bowel syndrome which cause almost same symptoms you felt and pains in this condition are cause by emotional stress and anxiety.
Best treatment for this would be increasing the fiber in your diet.



Hi dear,

You may not find this response necessary as it has been over a year since you posted, but I wanted to alert you to a condition I have which fits your description of a discomfort related to emotional status. It is called Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, and if you are still experiencing pain, you might want to get this ruled out. Just be advised that the condition is poorly understood. I saw many doctors who never thought of this one, then I had a misdiagnosis of Interstitial Cystitis, followed by a final referral to a specialist of female urology who identified the problem. Here's a link. Feel free to disregard if this does not apply to you. Just wanted to make sure because my doc says thousands of women suffer from this and don't get a diagnosis for years and years...Take care of yourself...