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So first of all, I have IBS and am constantly constipated or having some other random stomach issues. The day before yesterday I was having sex and it felt like when I was 'entered' that my intestines or something were pushed up on and I got this sharp pain in my lower abdomen. It feels like when you have a lot of gas down there that is trapped (like when you can't fart for some reason)
I thought it would get better, but it hasn't. It's been two full days now and I can't sleep very well at night because it is worse when I lie down or slump. Sometimes it feels like the gas or whatever it is, is pushing upwards into everything else in my body and making it sore. Under my ribs is sore, my neck is sore, even my shoulders are sore (Left or right, depending on my position and which way the pressure is applied).
My throat feels almost bruised from belching so much. It is worse after I eat- even just like a small bowel of macaroni, and my stomach is extremely distended after I eat and it makes it hard to take deep breaths because of the pressure and pain from down there. Even peeing hurts sometimes because of the pressure caused by the slight enlargement of my bladder.
I thought it was because I was constipated, so I went to the chemist and used a suppository- twice last night and it didn't help at all. I'm also using a de-gasser which hasn't helped. I can't go to a doctor because of a hassle with health insurance.
The only thing that helps the pain is applied heat. (like from a shower or a mug of tea resting on my abdomen)
I don't think it's stones or appendicitis because the pain is not completely unmanageable and it has not increased over the past two days- just stayed at the same annoying level.
Any ideas of what I should do to make this better permanently?
I'm drinking as much water as I can, taking benefiber and going on nightly walks to try and get whatever it is cleared up. Should I try a real laxative rather than just a suppository to get everything in my system- out?


Hi! I can only imagine how it feels, my boyfriend has similar symptoms, but not as intense as yours. He was never diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, but now it makes me wonder... I'm trying to convince him to see his doctor but he's so stubborn and embarrassed of this gas problem. I hope that you'll get your health insurance soon. I'm not a doctor, but I can tel you what I use when I'm constipated or bloated, maybe you have already tried it but it's worth of trying. My magical cure is senna tea, you can buy it practically anywhere, in pharmacy, in grocery store. It's quite effective and it's a natural remedy, so give it a try. I hope you'll get better soon. Take care.


I've had similar issues regarding the pain during sex. It usually only happens when I'm constipated or have gas.