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Few months back I was suffering from over weight problem,and it was really sad for me.After doing some research on internet I decided to start exercise.It's really working for me and I have already lost few kgs.Now I am more physically and mentally fit than before.

SO Do Exercise Keep Fit.

Some tips to lose Weight:

1.Walk everyday(minimum 30 minutes)

2.Limit your carbohydrate intake

3.Avoid elevator,take stairs

4.Lower the Sugar intake.


6.Set&maintain your exercise routine.


I think those tips will really work.



Hi ARN01,

So, you were suffering from being over weight and you did some research and found some exercises to do that have helped you to lose weight.  That's great.  A little exercise goes a long way and it will help you live longer.  Of course your diet is important and low carb diets have been known to maintain healthy weights.  They also prevent diabetes from developing later in life.  This is especially important.  Once you have diabetes, it is difficult to correct it and you end up on a restricted diet for the rest of your life.  You'll need to take medications for the rest of your life as well.  Ultimately, I have to say congratulations to you for doing the right thing and taking care of yourself.  Keep up the good work.