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I’ve been suffering from severe constipation for more than 10 years now. The only way I can have a bowel movement is either with enema or huge amounts of Miralax, while over the counter laxatives like Dulcolax have stopped having any effect long time ago. I feel like my colon and intestines are dead. Even with the help of laxatives having a bowel movement for me is literally a two to three days agony - I can’t work, the cramps I experience are like someone is cutting me with knifes and when the whole thing is finally over, I almost pass out. I know I partially brought this on myself by overusing laxatives, but would ileostomy be a good option in my case?


Have you tried changing your diet around?  Cutting out dairy products and/or gluten products?  Adding in probiotics?  Have you ever tried lemon oil?  I was reading recently about my friends little girl, who was on prescription laxatives, and she can now go to the bathroom without laxatives when she does lemon oil. Let me see if I can find the testimonial... "Need to post this... my daughter has suffered with severe constipation issues since about two years old, she is four now. She has been admitted to the hospital twice, and even had an NG tube inserted in her nose to administer laxatives directly to her stomach. We were told by the GI doctor, and ALL pediatricians we have seen that she will probably have to be on Miralax her whole life. We were NOT okay with this. We had tried everything to try to get her to go. Fiber fiber fiber, cutting dairy out, decreasing gluten consumption, nothing was working. She was on Miralax probably a little less than a year, and I felt at a loss. I didn't know what else I could do, but I knew I didn't want her on this stuff forever! This couldn't be healthy, and it isn't! One of the main ingredients in Miralax is made in paintballs! Yes, paintballs! It all changed when God dropped Young Living Essential Oils in our laps! I give her 3 small glasses of lemon oil water a day, along with one ounce Ningxia Red, and she is going! Thank You Lord for providing these for our family! It has been helping ALL of us"