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This is a summary of my friend's condition. If any of you could please help. thanks. the doctors have not been able to diagnose the condition.


§ 03 April 2007: Diarrhea (bouts of diarrhea has been there since )
§ 26 April 2007: Admitted to hospital with Colic pain, vomiting and constipation (did not pass stool for 6 days) , given laxatives intermittently
§ 12 May 2007: Laproscopy done -
Findings: Proximal jejunal wall 1 foot from DJ thickened up to 40 cm with poor peristalsis
Mesenteric adenopathy
Resection done
§ Median sternotomy done to remove cortical Thymoma Type B2 on 11 Aug 2006

Tests and Reports

Biopsy Report Findings:

1. Sections from gall bladder show hyperplastic and inflammed mucosa. Muscularis propia is hypertrophied and shows Rokitansky Aschoff sinuses. Adventitia is congested.
Consistent with chronic cholecystitis
2. Sections from lymph nodes show reactive hyperplasia only.
3. Sections from jejunal segment show normal mucosal lining. Submucosal edema and congestion and presence of acute inflammation and scattered dilated lymphatics on serosal aspect are also seen. Ganglion cells are present in Meissner’s plexus.

30 May 2007: CT Scan:

In a known case of intestinal lymphangiectasis post op status features are suggestive of mesenteric lymphasdenopathy

Present Condition

Aversion to food, weight loss of about 20 kgs, persistent vomiting (though it is decreasing)


hi i have same symptoms diaria vomiting constipaton week and lazy tired cant sleep sometimes i feel like im gonna die docters say nothing its gas wtf????? abyone help plz


Intestinal pseudoobstruction

is the decreased ability of the intestines to push food through, and often causes dilation of various parts of the bowel. Secondary intestinal pseudoobstruction may be caused by lots of different causes...
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