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Good evening,

i am 17, i usually have a very normal regular period...i am three days late, was due on my period on 26th april!

ive been getting the usual period pain cramps and things but no blood?

i took a pregnancy test today, but i got a negative, i dont understand, i feel sick, bloated, have back ache, very moody.. had no implantation spotting yet?

help? :'(


Hi there!

Not everyone gets implantation spotting and the symptoms you are experiencing could be PMS too.
Sometimes we get strange menstrual delays that even doctors can't figure out a cause. Wait a few more days and if you still don 't get your period, you either get another test or see a gyn.


Hello sam, 

You took the pregnancy test at the point your period is already supposed to come and the result you got should be reliable by this time. Menstrual cycle does tend to change a bit over time, especially when you stressed out, for example when you are worrying about the possibility you are pregnant. This can lead to delayed or different period, as well as the stronger or unusual pms symptoms.

I would recommend you to take the pregnancy test again, to make sure, but also to help you to calm down a little, so that stress wouldn’t further have effects on your period. From what you described, this sounds like a late period, but – take another test in a a day or two.