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I'm still a young male with no actual sex experience, but I fear I may have doomed myself in the long run. I accidentally discovered about masturbation at a very young age (around 3rd or 4th grade) and I have continued to do so up until now. I had bigger time gaps with my frequency in the past, of course, but from after starting middle school to now I do it rather often (though I am trying to stop). I don't know how long I could last back then, and I didn't care about how long I could last in the past, but now it has taken effect. I'm approaching college and can only manage 30 seconds to a minute by myself. I know there are heavy psychological effects to things that occur in childhood, and I've been generally doing this for a relatively long time. Starting to fear effects may be irreversible. I'm too young to consult a doctor without getting in trouble and I'm going to start the start pause technique thing. Trying not to stress out over it because it only makes matters worse. Any other suggestions?


I lost my virginity when I was 5, I was raped now I’m 16 and my sh*t too loose good thing I wasn’t impregnated and yes it hurt like a b***h