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Hello. I don’t know what is going on with me but I hope someone out there will know more about this. I'm 23 year old and already slept with several girlfriends. I have never had any problems with my erection or ejaculation but I wish I could say this now.
About a month ago I started to suffer from premature ejaculation. I don’t know what is causing this but I know that I completely lost my self confidence and started to avoid sex, which I never did before in my life. I'm a student and because of all this, I barely can study any more. So, please, if someone maybe knows more about this, tell me what I could do about it!?


Well, first, I want to tell you that you are not alone with this problem because premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems of all, and most men have experienced this problem at some time in their life.
There are several theories about the premature ejaculation cause and all agree in one thing- premature ejaculation is believed to be a psychological problem and does not represent any known organic disease. I believe you understand that this is good news because now- you can be sure that you really can affect on your problem.
I don’t know what could cause your problem but it has a lot to do with anxiety. One very easy way to stay relaxed while making love is to breathe deeply. In the next couple of weeks you could try using some desensitizing creams also. They are products that can decrease the sensations felt by men during intercourse so that they can last longer.


I found a solution to PE. I started exercising the PC muscle and also taking the new Climinax herbal premature ejaculation pills and that combo definitely worked for me, and with no side effects. Only 2 months in with Climinax and already can last up to 10 minutes.

hope that helps guys,


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According to studies one in three men suffers from premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. Premature ejaculation is defined as a condition in which a man ejaculates earlier than he or his partner would like him to. The consequences of premature ejaculation can cause frustrations and have serious effects on relationships, self esteem and confidence. It's not really a topic that gets discussed, but one that a lot of people out there can relate to.
So what causes premature ejaculation, and is there anything to cure this?
Work stress, worry, anxiety, performance pressure, fatigue, depression, lack of experience, and extreme arousal are just some of the factors affecting this issue. Tantra massage can offer a real way of combating these effects, with some hands on practical techniques.

Tantra and tantric massage can help people to relax; when you relax you are able to be more present in your body, so less likely to psyche yourself out by worrying or having unrealistic expectations about performance, or past experiences. Tantric massage includes learning some breathing and relaxation exercises to help calm the mind, and bring you more into your body. It takes pressure off performance, rather focusing on what you can feel and utilizing the whole body to build pleasure. Once you are relaxed, then ejaculation control and prolonging techniques are taught during the lingam massage, offering practical methods to tackle premature ejaculation.

The London Tantric Temple is a haven for all people who are looking for solutions and answers to some very personal issues. Rather than wanting people to hide or be embarrassed, they empower their clients to take a different view, teach them how to relax, and how to control and prolong so that they can regain confidence and have better ongoing relationships with partners. For people who want to learn more about their own bodies, about kundalini energy and who want to celebrate and grow.

The therapists at The London Tantric Temple have years of experience and offer a safe and caring environment to seek hands on help with premature ejaculation difficulty. The London Tantric Temple offer sessions for men, women and couples and genuinely want to help clients feel better about their confidence, their bodies, and about themselves and their relationships. Tantra massage can and does help people and the answer to these problems could be just one call away - see for more info