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i have been having severe rashes for the past two months. Swelling of hands and/or arms to begin with .Frequency about twice a month. Now severe large red itchy rings around small red patch . I've also had swelling of lips on left side and once swelling of tongue. Diet same as usual, nothing new or different in my life. Cannot figure out allergy. Now rash is daily and present all the time. Thanks, Donna


Hi, Did you ever find what was causing this and how did you solve it. I have had rash and swelling daily from head to toe for approx 2 weeks straight now. My tongue also swells up and it is getting the point where it is driving me crazy and I feel embarrassed going out in public as people looking at the rash and swelling all over my face.

I have been to the doctors on a number of occasions but the doctors do not the know problem. I have taken courses of steroids but this still has not helped.

Any help would be appreciated.

Many Thanks