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I'm 13 days post-op and I'm in a walking boot. I'm not driving because it's my right foot and my only outings are for short trips for lunch or dinner and I always keep the foot elevated on a bench or chair when at a resturant.

Otherwise I'm on the couch with my foot up and iced. When my foot is down for any length of time it swells and burns and I'm unable to walk.
I'm in a Dynasplint 3 times a day to stretch the big toe joint both ways. That only hurts after 40 mins in the splint.

My foot looks amazing. No scar (dissolvable stitches) bruising is fading quickly (used Arnica for 13 days 3-4 times a day) plus took Bromalain (helps with inflamation) and the bunion is gone!!! My toe is in proper position (straight) and I'm so excited.

I'm surprised at how quickly my foot swells and burns when it's done for more than 10 mins.

I can barely walk on it without the boot because it's stiff and swollen but I'm going to give it one more week and then I'll start to worry.


Hi California, thanks for giving us a status update and I hope that things are well with you. I hope that you give us an update again in a few days because I think it would be nice to hear how you're doing and have a status update. Thanks again for posting and best of luck to you with recovering. It sounds like it's going marvelously for you.


Hi again,

It's Monday morning, I'm 17 days post op and doing even better! I really turned a corner over the weekend. I think maybe all the stretching exercises, using the DynaSplint 3 times a day, keeping the foot elevated and iced has really paid off.
Also, I've been taking Arnica Montana, the homeopathic remedy for swelling, trauma and bruising, 3-4 times a day under my tongue. I also take a fairly substantial amount of supplements on a daily basis:
Ester C 1000 mg
Co-Q-10 200 mg
MSM-1500 mg
Grape Seed oil
SAMe 800 mg
Fish Oil 6 capsules
Glucosamine and Condroitin tablets
Calcium Citrate 1000 mg
Bromalain (made from the pineapple plant) to help with inflammation
Acidolphillus and Bifadolphillus

I increased the tension on the Dynaplint after the first week (which was Saturday) and although it hurt to stretch the big toe with the increased tenion, I lowered the time back down to 15-20 minutes. I continued with my theraBand stretches 2 times a day while on the phone, etc. I believe that all of the stretching combined with staying off the foot as much as possible is helping.

I can actually now put almost full week on the foot without going through the roof in pain.
It still swells when I walk with the walking boot but not as much.....I actually kept my foot down on the floor for part of the time when out at a resturant yesterday with my friend.

The bruising is starting to fade.

I still can not drive.

I'll report back in a few days. Oh, by the way I had a bunionectomy, removal of bone spurs and shaving of the excess bone.