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I had a total colectomy and then two hernia surgeries in past year and a half. I have had to drink gatorade or pedialyte to help me not feel dizzy and weak, but now my body swells all over. I am cutting down on the amount of pedialyte I drink each day to see if it helps, but I really don't know how to balance this all out. I want to get back down to wear my clothes without the swelling, but I have energy issues and the pedialyte always helps me when I feel shakey and weak. I take thyroid medicine for hypothyroidism, but it is pretty much on target. I have also had to cut down the mg. of my hormones, Vivelle patch because I was really swelling.

I really do not know what to do about all this. I am drinking more water, but I need the pedialyte every day.



Hi there, what sort of information do you specifically need? What is the issue that you want cleared up most? I'd like to help you but can you answer my question to help specify your problem better? THanks!