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Since I was about 8 years old I have been having off and on spells of severe lightheadedness, nausia, blurring and numbness in my left eye, numbness (around my feet, arms, and mouth), severe fatigue, weakness in my legs, and unability to think straight ( I stop being able to think of words). In severe cases I lose memory of everything that happened around the time of symptoms starting and completely lose awareness of my surroundings and have passed out from it twice. I have been to cardiology and had several MRIs, I have had CT scans, I have been checked often for deficiencies and have only had deficiencies twice which were both recent (Iron and potassium deficiency), and it does not go away with proper hydration. I have found that making myself freezing cold helps the symptoms subside much faster and makes them less severe, but I would still like a permanent solution to the symptoms. Although I am going in soon for an Eeg I worry that they wont find anything either and I just want to be able to have a normal life without the symptoms interfering. Has anyone here had something like this with a diagnosis? 


Also I am currently 20 yrs old so it's been happening for 12 years and has continued to become worse. I was also not on medication when it started. I did have a head injury before it started happening but my doctors say they don't think it's because of that.