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Hi - my 3 year old daughter has complained of a sharp pain behind her ear on her head and says "it's green"!! It's happened a few times in the last few months. It has stopped her dead in her tracks and left her screaming in pain. It usually lasts anywhere from 10 seconds to a minute. I'm really confused about the green part. She won't let me know what exactly she means- I tried to ask her if she is seeing green or what the problem it is but she wont answer me i dont think she knows exactly what had happened either? Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm getting a little worried. We asked a doctor about it a little bit ago but it had only happened once at that time so we brushed it off as a headache or dehydration. But since it happened again we are getting worried .


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Hi Jessica. 

I hope your little girl is feeling well. 

Since I was a little kid, I remember having sudden pains like that - it's feels like cramp, like someone suddenly grabs your brain and holds it for a few seconds. Then the pain releases and it's gone .. and everything is fine and back to normal. But when the pain happens - it's feels like horror - it happened to me again a month or so ago ... and I just woke up and stood up from my bed, when this cramp came - all I did is grabbed my head and bent over from the pain... in a few seconds the cramp was gone and a few minutes later the pain was completely gone.. like it's never been there at all. 

This happens on and off to me  - like a few times a year ... and I remember this since I was a kid... perhaps I could relate it to sudden head movement but I am not really sure if this is the case. I am scared this could happen to me while driving a car because I can't control my body during that few seconds... I am sure the pain is so intense that I coudl crash. 

Unfortunately I have no explanation for the "green pain" part... maybe the pain is so intense that she sees green light .. I've heard it before - pain is sometimes preceded by seeing flashing lights or spots - especially in migraines... 

Besides that ... I am a healthy 33 years old woman ... or at least I tend to think I am :)  

Best wishes!