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Hey, I don't know exactly where this pain fits, so I just posted it here. I'm 19 years old and living in the city. Since I was a kid, I have been getting these intensely sharp pains in the back right side of my head. They're only there for an instant, but when they come I have to stop what I'm doing. It usually happens when I'm doing something physical. For example, the first time I remember getting it was when I went over a bump on my bicycle in the 6th grade. The most recent one was last week, and it was while I was playing racket ball. It is usually very infrequent, but on the most recent occurrence, it happened twice in 10 minutes. The pain starts in the back right corner of my head, behind the bottom of my right ear. It seems to spread (SEEMS) closer to my ear and almost to the base of my jaw. My natural reaction is to drop everything, place my hand where the pain is, and open my jaw over and over again in efforts to recover. The aftermath feels like a cramp just happened, but in my head. I just want a little bit of peace in this and to know that I'm not going to die or anything. It just worries me. Thanks a lot!

-Corey Sewall


Your headaches sound to me more like something that is caused by issues with muscles – like muscles in your neck or shoulders than like migraine kind of headache. Especially because they happen when you are involved in some physical activity and because they don’t last very long. So it is in many ways like a cramp, only the source of the pain is either in your neck or shoulders and that pain is reflected to the area of head where you feel it. In dealing directly with the these kinds of pain there is a more or less simple, medication free way – massage.