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My daughter is 4 and has had this happen to her since she started talking (so probably earlier) she just started describing them as hot pop in her head. she cries and holds her head. they last a few seconds and she goes back to normal,playing talking and being her bubbly self.  They happen when she is active or still and very sudden and unexpected. It has happend 5 times in the past 1 1/2 years. Very weird. I have asked two doctors, my gp and her ped and they do not seem worried.  One told me he has had other patients complaint about the same thing.  It DOES worry me obviously, my daughter is in pain. PLEASE ANYONE!!1 


With increased activity comes increased blood flow which causes veins to expand allowing stronger blood flow. What she could be feeling is this she could have a underdeveloped blood vessel or vein that causes the "hot pop". When she experiences the pop it could be the strong gush of blood finally expanding the vessel. This condition will go away with age as her body grows more into itself.