Hello, Im 27 yrs old and have a few questions hopefully someone could help me with.

My whole life my stomach has seemed to be an issue for me. Pain and nausea seem to be part of life. The longest stretch happened when I was around 14 yrs old. Nothing could be found and after about 2 weeks, the pain and nausea went away and I thought it was just dehydration.

About a week ago now, the pain came back.. as did the nausea. I have "shooting/stabbing" pains on my right side. The pain stretches from about 4 inches from my belly button (upwards) all the way down to my appendix area. Also, occasional pains happen in my testicle area (right) and pain can go around to my back, but mainly ONLY on the right side.

I had a CT Scan and they said gullstones, but also noted Gullstones normally dont cause the symptoms (Diareha, pain, vomiting, nausea). I also have fatique like never before. I have slept 24 straight hours at 1 point this last week, and normally am only awake for 4/5 hour spurts before I go back to sleep for 8-12 hours at a time, sometimes longer.

Doctors said my blood and urine tests came back fine, but Im extremely worried and really want to know what this could be/is.

Im really looking for help here and hopefully someone who has experienced this in the past can help out.

Thanks- Scott