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After doing sit ups in the gym, the next day i woke up with a sharp pain in my stomach, on my right. It's hard for me now to sit straight and the pain is sharp, i sit down i don't feel the pain as much but if i lean to the right the pain is there. I'm only 20 years old and never had this kind of sharp pain apart from period pain in my stomach which is normal for me to get when period pain but not a sharp pain!!


I'm experiencing the same thing for the first time in my life too.
Actually I'm feeling a slightly less sharp pain on the left side as well.

I think it happened because I changed my sit ups from doing them on the floor to doing them on a weight bench. My feet are on the floor and I make myself sit completely upright for each rep.

I'm getting so much stronger in my core area... but that sharp pain in the tummy sucks so bad! I heard taking ibuprofen before you work out will help until it heals and goes away. And you're gonna have to take it easy with the sit ups. I'd say do 1/2 of what you usually do.