Ok, so I get this intense pain inside my stomach when on my period and even when I take Ibuprofen it still persists. It feels a little like trapped gas and I find it difficult or sometimes impossible to *ehem* *whispers quietly* fart.

It's especially painful when I go to the toilet and hurts when I move in a specific way or if I stand. I can't jump or run and all I want to do at this point is curl up and die (not literally I have no urge to leave this world as of now...) this is a real problem for me because I'm beginning to have to center my schedule around my period.

I still take ibuprofen for the cramps but the real problem is that sharp gas like pain stuck inside my stomach, sometimes I feel a kinda moving sensation as it essentially rolls around my stomach...like gas. Although it is far far FAR to painful for me to try and push it from my *ehem* *stealthily glances around* anus...also if I press my hand against my stomach it hurts sooo badly!

So if anyone has a solution for my problem or even if you have no solution but the same symptoms it would greatly reassure me to hear from you! Thanks