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Whenever I do abdominal related workouts, I feel burning like pain in my lower back. The workout is consisting of several different sit-ups, using the upper body, and sometimes I move my legs up and down. Am I doing something wrong? Should I change the workout or should I stick to this? Maybe the pain is normal and if I keep doing these sit-ups, my abs will get stronger eventually as well as my back. What do you think?



You shouldn't feel any real pain when doing abdominal workouts other than tension in your ab muscles.  You may be pinching a nerve(s) in your back when you try to sit up.  You might try using a big ball (blow up kind) to do your ab workouts.  This cushions your back.  It also trains your back to balance.  It could be that the small muscles along your spinal column are weak which is often the case.  The ball will help you strengthen them making your back much stronger.  I found that this worked for me.  I hate to get down on the floor.  The ball is high enough such that its almost like chair height.  It's easy to sit on and I think you actually get a better workout with it.