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Since December 2012 my sister has had severe pain in the left side of her stomach. The doctors have tested everything even when she was admitted into hospital, nothing was found on CT scans, MRI scans and no results from blood tests... She has just had a key hole operation to have a look inside and see what it is but they have said again there is nothing there. Can anyone help? Anyone had the same response and have found a way to resolve this?


Well this is quite normal. I am only twelve yet I have expirienced it before. She will be fine. I call it quick-fire because it sometimes is quick and feels like a fire inside of me. It could have something to do with her girl process that happens once a month. I get serious pain like your sister and then clear, stretchy mucus comes from the vagina. I have not had a period yet. If she has, then it could be a very bad cramp. Talk to her about it.