Firstly, I am NOT preganant, that's IMPOSSIBLE. 

A week or two ago I started feeling cold even when I was wearing warm clothing and i usually leave the fan on when i sleep because i get hot but the fan became too cold for me. It's summer and sometimes I've felt cold outside these past couple days but it's not cold? I 'm not sure if this is chills. 

I like to write and the past few days when I am writing, my arms and hands have been feeling weak and it has caused me to write sloppy because of my arms/hands laziness/weakness. 


I was sitting in my room cleaning earlier and i saw a bug. It was little and it suprised me but I was not scared. I killed it and was fine. Then I started shaking. I went to show my uncle and he could see that I was shaking. He told me to drink some water and take a walk.I walked my dog to our usual spot, maybe a little further. My back started hurting so I went to lay down when I got inside. I layed on my back, hoping it would hurt less. I laid on it for 2 minutes, maybe less, when the pain decreased and I felt something in my stomach. It felt like a worm moving or  baby or just something moving! :( It is not a baby, I've never has sex so that's out of the question. After my stomach moved (pulsated?), i felt the movement in my right leg for less than a second. Now I am sitting on the couch. My back and neck hurt a little and my hand/arms feel jittery and weak. My uncle suggested I might have a kidney infection. I may go see within a few days. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? By the way, I'm 16. Sorry for crappy way I worded this, my hands are jittery and I'm scared. 


Thanks ahead of time,