About two months ago, my upper back/shoulders felt like they were itchy when my shirt brushed up against the skin. This later developed into a painful pins/needles feeling whenever the skin was touched, even lightly. It spread from my upper back to my lower back and the left side of my abdomen. Then my back went out(lower back). I started to get better after about a week, but then my back went out again while moving furniture into my apartment. Ever since then I have had regular spinal pain in my mid back accompanied my lower back muscle pain. I lift for a living, and its making my job nearly impossible to deal with, even though I have a high tolerance for pain. I lift correctly, but the pain comes on strong during working hours and intermittently through out the day(sometimes constantly). I have trouble walking/standing/driving a car during the worst of it. And I can harldy stand to hold a thirty pound object at chest level. It also seems that I lose some strength, meaning I am unable to push anything decently heavy (80 lbs + ,sometimes less ) using my arms and legs together.(may be due to the pain, maybe actual loss of strength; its hard to tell. it feels like pushing against a brick wall) The painful numbness is gone, but I am still in severe pain. Im thinking its maybe a herniated disc?