One night I was awaken out of my sleep by strong abdominal cramps. At first I just laid there to see what else was going on with my body, nothing happen, when all of a sudden the another cramp came, I start shaking and felt like I had to have a serious bowel movement. I rushed to the bathroom, but was too weak to sit, so I flopped down onto the toilet seat. I then notice that I was shaking, my skin was ice cold, but I was soaking wet from sweat. I must have sat there for 20 minutes, my body did not know what to do between having a bowel movement or vomiting. I was too weak to do anything to help my body with the elimination. Finally, I did have two small bowel movements, but I was still sweating. Can someone please HELP me define what I was going through. I do have a diagnosis of GERD.