Hello! I am 13, currently going threw puberty still. (duh) But I've been wanting to lose belly fat lately. I'm 5 foot' 5/6 and I weigh about 160lb ish. (I've been have a grow spurt, heigth wise) Now I guess I can say I have a pear or almost hourglass shape?.. (but my mom says that I weigh that much because I'm tall and/or I have bigger hips/cup size) But I don't really want to lose too much belly fat/wieght to the point I go down a bra/cup size or lose my "curves". I have stretch marks ALL the way down my back, if that tells you something. But should I worry about my weight? Or should I plan on trying to light exercises and/or diet? Just wondering. But I still have some growing to do and I think it will all balance out when I grow/ get taller. I just need some advise.