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Im 17. My hight is 5'5 and I weigh around 204.0 I feel terrible, and my self-image is just as worse. I have thought (recentlly) to exercize. In fact, I was excited to do it. I started simple, just walking in the morning and doing deep breathing exercizes while I listened to music with headphones. But lately, I don't feel like exercizing. I'm dreading Thankgiving, and Christmas coming up, because it's the time to "Eat and be merry." And my parents make lots of pies, quishe, turkey, mashed potatos, etc. I feel like I have to eat it (because we have quite a large family) and my mom dosn't want it to waste. o.O I don't watch any sugar, calorie, or sodium intake either. My brother was chunky and short but then he got a growth spurt (he has strech marks on his back). But now my brother, on the other hand is thin, tall and handsome (at age 15). I grew slowly, and ended up with normal hieght, but being quite fat for my age. Even my sister, who is younger then me is taller. My cousin had anorexia, and she got to be quite skinny, and I covet (even though I know not too) her physique. I feel like a short, fat girl with a horrible eating disorder and low self-image (I even have a slight double chin, which I LOATHE like crazy). I really like to lose weight, but I think I just don't want to break my habit... WHAT CAN I DO?!?!?! :'(


You need to visit a doctor, don't under eat! Eat slightly under the reccomended amount. You should have 2250 calories a day but instead have 2000. Slowly you should loose weight. eat  vegetables, fruit, pasta and potatoes. These are all good! So a museli or cereal bar or a fruit yoghurt for breakfast. pasta dish or soup for lunch. Potatoes, salad and something else for dinner!


Good luck xxx