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Since i was very little I've been very underweight. In middle school (ages 11-14) I had trouble finding clothes that were small enough and got teased a lot because i didn't have big enough breasts for anything other than a trainer bra. I didn't exercise much, ate a lot of junk food, but I maintained a steady weight of 90 something pounds (I was a 4ft something at the time). In high school I started doing martial arts and a lot of exercise and I reached my grand height of five feet (this is tall for the women on both sides of my family). I gained some weight, but not much int he way of body fat. I ate more and I went up to a respectable A cup in bra size.

Now, none of this bothered me. I had done some research and the weight gain and the increased appetite seemed like a healthy thing. I was gaining muscle mass and a little extra fat was no bad thing for my figure.

the problems came in college. By the end of my first semester at the local JC I was doing lots of exercise and eating largish meals (all healthy foods). I reached 130 pounds and I felt like I was int he best shape of my life. then Mom stared getting a little weird about my weight, saying i had a little too much body fat. Admittedly, my hips and thighs had gotten some significant padding and I had to go up several pant sizes. Also I discovered that my calf-muscles had developed tot he point that I had to get ski boots adjusted so they wouldn't pinch. My breast size suddenly went up to C cup and I was noticing that while I could beat out lots of people in any kind of abdominal exercise I had more belly-fat that I liked.

With moms nagging and my own petty concern with my appearance, I stopped eating. In a week I dropped 10 pounds and then fainted. The fainting made me wake up and realize what I was doing to myself and how much harder it was to do my usual exercise routine.

Since then I've been in doubt. I still exercise (not as much as before because I have a job to hold down) and I eat healthy meals. Still, I've gained weight and mom is still on my case about my weight. ( I now weight 140 something) I feel like the weight gain hasn't stopped and I am embarrassed to go and get new pants that will fit because I'm afraid to see how many sizes I might have gone up. I wear a lot of dresses with elastic waists.

What am I supposed to do? Am I fat? If I am, what can I do to drop the weight? If I'm not fat, what's going on? I know I'm not getting any taller...


Body weight does not determine whether a person is fat or not. Body fat composition does. A person can be big and heavy without being fat. A good example of this is seen in professional body builders who are lean, big and muscular. They are by all means "overweight", but nobody calls them fat. There are various means to determine the percentage of body fat, and all of them are prone to errors. The most commonly used is the skin fold caliper test. A caliper is used to measure the skin fold thickness at the abdominal area as well as at a few other places on the body, and the numbers are entered into a formula to calculate body fat composition. The body emersion technique is probably the most accurate but requires elaborate equipments. There are websites that allows you to enter your body measurements into a formula, and out comes your body fat composition. Now back to your question before I sway too far.
It is normal and pleasant-looking for a woman to have some fatty padding on her hips and thighs and a lot of padding on her breasts due to the action of estrogen. A woman would not look like a woman without those paddings. I think your mom has been nagging you because of her personal issues. So don't take her comments too personally. If you have not been physically active for a while, you may want to join a fitness center and hire a personal trainer to help you lose weight. On the other hand, if you have been exercising regularly and you are healthy, you can care less about your body weight. Some people are simply predisposed to be heavy.


musle weighs more + breasts weigh alot = not over weight

if you feel good then i think with that weight u r good

and if you don't like you tummy fat do some sit ups and crunches  :-)