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Hi there,

24 yr old female, i love and have been on duromine for years. a warning to everyone duromine is addictive!!

you put twise as much weight on if you dont maintain your diet. i started at 30 mg and straight to 40mg

ill stop for a couple of months and decide to take it again.

i remember when i was first on it, it hit me so hard! my body is so use to it that it has no affect on me. and im so upset about it because it was the only drug that helped me. i tried phen375, hydroxycut for women and all that stuff, nothing works like drumomin.

my question is, do you think its possible i can take 40mg + 15 mg?



I'm not going to preach you, but like you said yourself - duromine can be addictive. It's active chemical is similar to amphetamine and it generally does have some effects similar to this drug (like having you feel more energized and, of course, having less appetite). I would strongly advise you against changing the dosage, let alone doubling it, without consultation with a doctor. 

You are young and this medication can have long term effects that can become obvious if you ever want to get pregnant or simply enjoy a night out with your friends.

Have you tried losing weight not only with the help of medications, but with combination of diet control and some exercise plan?



thanks for the reply,
I have a decent diet and i train everyday, my problem is if i dont see changes i lose all motivation.

have you heard of anything that works similar to duromine?


I don’t think it’s like an amphetamine at all, it gives me no more energy, it simple tells my brain I’m not hungry, this is also my dr belief, I have heard of it being like a natural speed, but not for me.
It’s like it isn’t working at all.
Just my experience