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I just got home from my daughters 1st grade parent teacher conference and it didn't go so well. My daughters teacher said she is on a 1st grade reading level, but she has a hard time putting sounds together, spelling, and flipping numbers or letters around. She is not struggling with math- addition or subtraction. I am floored with these issues, because I disregarded some of her work as normal for her age. When she writes she mixes capital letters with small letters and she has a hard time making a complete sentence. I have mentioned this to my father and he says he has dyslexia and I know another member of the family has it as well. Any advice.


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1st Grade parents evening.

Dose that mean her first year in school?

If so she is 4/5?

I work in a school. I worked in the first year of school (reception class) for 4 years. 4/5year olds. Im now working with the second years children 5/6 year olds.

If i had children in either of my classes that used capital letters, in the right place or not, id be pleased.

If they wrote in complete sentances, id put them on the gifted an talented register.

Im going to leave it there for now, as im not sure really how old your child is. So please get back to me an i will answer your questions