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I have a healthy 5 year old with huge tonsils! They are stage 4. She rarely gets sick , just an occasional cold. The only reason I took her in was I saw the tonsils one day when I was a the right angel when she was crying. They have been this way for over a year and we have had no trouble. We are currently living in Germany. I saw an American ENT berofe we came over here and he said not to worry unless she snores or has sleep apena. Over Christmas Holidays when we were all sleeping in the same room we noticed she was snoring. She has occasionally complained that her tonsils hurt when she is eating. I'm not convinced that they do. I took her to see a German ENT and he says to take them out. I have been watching her lately and she has not been snoring. She may occasionally when on her back. I have read how painfull the recovery is and am having second thoughts about having them taken out. Over here in Germany they require a 5 day stay in the hospital and another week for recovery. The Germans do not medicate the same way we do in the states. I do not want to be taken advantage of being an auslander (non-German). What advice do you have?


I'd suggest you get another opinion.

Is there an underlying infection that is causing the swelling?

Without seeing the tonsils we'd be just guessing. Since it does not seem to be an emergency at this moment, find another ENT and get them checked.