Please help me with information and direction with regards to the side-effects of Brethine/terbutaline given to women to prevent and stave off premature labor. I received this medication first in the hospital and then followed with oral medication for an entire month. My daughter was born after having been subjected to this drug for a month and was delivered one month premature. She cried incessantly, difficulty keeping down her food due to crying. Slept only briefly, and required constant movement to have any comfort/ soothing. Did not tolerate breastmilk or formula of any type, she had a barium swallow sucked from a baby bottle to help Dx her issues. Things never got better, drs suggested she was colicky, or they implied it was poor parenting etc etc, I always felt the brethine I was given was the reason for her “symptoms” I could only describe her as being born as to the presentation of a “crack-baby”. The way the drug made me feel is what I saw in her, my concerns were dismissed by OB/GYN and pediatrics. Plagued with other affects, we received no relief. She is now 18 and suffers cognitive issues, processing disorders, hearing problem since birth, mood and other psychiatric presentations. Always had S/S of ADHD or ADD but b/c she’s a girl I guess no one wanted to label her——I asked! She scored low on all school evils had IEPs extra help with school work, she would improve then slide off the charts again and again. I also became ill post treatment, more and more I suspected brethine. I had another child 22 months later he is fine, none of the same symptoms. Come to find out only recently FDA black labeled this drug and banned its use to prevent preterm labor for all of these and more effects. I just only discovered this information seeking ADHD information. Please if you your staff and interested readers can share or shed some light on their own stories or recent data, I may be better able to help find relief for my Dtr,,,! Please help us!