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I had an exposure to cold 10 days ago and had sore throat with irritating cough and shortness of breath. Sore throat has gone after a course of Tab. Clavam XR (1 gm) twice daily for 5 days. But cough and shortness of breath are still there. Chest x-ray is unremarkable. My doctor has advised me Tab. Prednisolone(10 mg) - 3 tablets once daily for 4 days with Terbutaline Sulphate and Expectorants. Will there be any problem if I take these medicines? I have already been suffering from Hypothyroidism, Enlarged Prostate and Gastritis and am taking medicines for these.

One more question - Can Prednisolone be stopped abruptly after 4 days.


My mother aged 86 was admitted in C M C hospital as she had blood in her mouth gums.After investigation as per the medical report

her blood platelate count was only 4000 .Doctor prescribed tab prednisolone 40mg for 1week then 20mg for 1week 10 mg for 1week 5mg for 3rd week. I find scme behavioural changes in her . Is it because of tablets taking.