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Are there any good websites where I can look up the side effects of specific medications? I am interested in knowing about pyridoxine at the moment, but I come across a need to look up side effects on a regular basis so if there are any websites that list side effects of common and less common drugs, please link it to me.


Hello ogdan885,

Pyridoxine is vitamin B6.  It is a coenzyme that activates enzymes involved in a number of functions including neurotransmitter production.  Since this is a vitamin, it is essential.  That means you can't make it in your body but rather you have to get it from your diet and/or supplementation.  The vitamin is water soluble so an overdose is unlikely because you would pee it out.  If you want to know about a medication, minerals or vitamins, consider looking at WebMD.  This site is for the lay and gives information about what a mineral, vitamin or medication is, what it does, dosages, side effects etc.  I think you find it most useful.