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I've had pain on the upper eyelid on my left eye. I've had sty before and the pain felt very similar to it so I was sure that it was a sty... but I've noticed that I have no pus in my eyelid so I'm in doubt. Another thing is THERE IS A BROWN DISCHARGE FROM MY EYE (not a lot just a little bit) that looks suspiciously like blood D: aghhh. Please tell me how to fix this... (And please tell me if it is a sty or not)

If its a sty you just put hot water in a bag over your eye right?

P.S. my mom is overly superstitious, and she tells me that tying a string to my shirt will help my eye...

(-_-) please rebuke her in your replies so I can prove that she is wrong... hahaha


When I got a sty, one of the home based remedies that I read was to put a hot tea bag (not boiling, just hot) on your eyelid for 15 minutes.  If it did not go away on it's own or got worse, I would have to go to doctor and get antibiotic eye drops and would have to use them for about 7 days.