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I am almost seven weeks pregnant, now. I've been experiencing cramps since about week four. I'm still getting them but less often now. Today I had what looked like very small clots when I wiped, clear and pink in color. Almost like veiny booger! I've had no bleeding at all and have been experiencing normal pregnancy symptoms.

Has anyone experienced something similar? Anyone think they know what it is? Possibly related to miscarriage or is it more related to implantation bleeding?


I feel like I have already answered this question...did you double post?

If it is just light pink I would call it normal discharge. Light spotting is completely normal in early and late pregnancy.
Cramps are too because your uterus has begun to expand.
If you begin to have signifigant bleeding/cramping then you will want to go to the hospital or call you doc.
But the experiance you have written is normal.
Take care- congrats on the pregnancy...your body will be going through a lot of crazy changes in next 9 months.