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Hi, I'm new here so I'd really appreciate your help. My last period was in March and it was two weeks late then. At this exact moment, it is now six weeks since then and i'm having extremely painful cramps, backaches and barely spotting. I've had two miscarriages in 4 years and constantly missing my period. What could be wrong with me? my doctor has put me on meds to regulate my cycle but it only works for a couple months..

Thanks in advance


Hi Tessana, welcome to the forum. Hope you are able to find lots of useful information and advice here, and share some of the things you know and have learned.

Sorry to hear about your symptoms. A bit of cramping about eight to ten days after ovulation might actually be a sign that you are pregnant. These pains -- known as implantation cramps -- can happen when the newly fertilized egg burrows itself into the wall of your uterus. If implantation is to blame, cramping should be minor and brief (lasting only a day or two), and may be accompanied by light spotting called implantation bleeding. Wait a few days, and if your period doesn’t show up when expected, break out the pregnancy test.

Now, if you are pregnant and f ait any point in your pregnancy cramping is severe, lasts more than a couple of days or occurs after a positive pregnancy test, head straight to your doctor. It's probably just gas or the feeling of your growing uterus, but it's important to rule out miscarriage, pre-term labor, placental abruption, preeclampsia, and urinary tract infections.