Hi everyone I could really use some assistance here. This has happened twice before, and its the third time I'm dealing with it now. The skin around the left side of my penis (always the left) keeps becoming red, slightly looser, and begins to fill with some kind of fluid. Its extremely itchy, but I fear scratching just makes it worse. After about a day or two the skin becomes so loose that I can peel it off, exposing the sensitive skin underneath. It stays moist as that fluid continues to accumulate, but I'd just wipe it off and not touch the shaft. After about a week or two, maybe three, it heals up, and I'm back to normal. This is incredibly embarassing and I have no idea why it continues to happen, every forum I've seen where some guy has a similar problem, the guy isn't circumcized, I have no foreskin to worry about, so I'm not sure if its a simple yeast infection. If anybody could please help me figure out what this is that would be excellent.