I've had these two boils on my skin on the inner thigh for a really long time. Initially, they were really small, but I kept picking and scratching them till they grew big. Now, they just refuse to heal. The wound is like a hole with raised edges. Whenever I removed the thick whitish covering, there is clear liquid underneath, which covers the wound and forms a thick hard scab. This pretty much stays the same way for weeks till I scratch it again. It isn't getting bigger or any smaller, the wound refuses to close.


A few weeks ago, I go a series of red bumps all across my right leg, one near the old boils. This turned into a new set of boils, except the new one near the old boils was basically different. The skin there essentially just dissolved and became pulpy. If you touch the area even a little bit, it releases a lot of clear fluid. Again, no sign of healing, it's been a few weeks.




Please comment what this could be and how to get rid of it. I've tried everything from picking at it to not touching it for weeks. It just says as it is. My doc prescribed antibiotics three days ago. I've been taking them to no avail. There's also one on my arm that seemed to have become almost fine till I scratched the area again a few days ago and little boils have now appeared all over and the area is inflamed.

I am pretty much at my wits end. This is a big psychological downer. And the one on my arm essentially means I can't even wear half sleeves because it looks disgusting.

Please help.