For the past few months, my heart has been frequently skipping beats. Most days, it will only happen 5-10 times throughout the day (or night I should say because I work nights). It seems to have started around the time I began working nights. It had done it in the past when I would have bouts of anxiety but never for weeks and months on end. For the past day and a half, it seems to be much more frequent. Maybe up to 10-30 times/hour. I haven't had any caffeine for about 36 hours and that seems like when it worsened even more. I went to my dr last week and she did an ekg and listened to my heart. She said all looked and sounded good but did refer me to a cardiologist. My appt is not for another month but I am really nervous which of course exacerbates my anxiety and thus the skipped beats. If I had some type of heart disease or blockages, would that have shown up in some way on the EKG? I am also obese with diabetes and high blood pressure. I am trying to eat better and have lost a few pounds in the last couple weeks. Is this probably something serious or benign and is there a way to lessen or stop them. They are very annoying and frightening. I am currently on 100mg lopressor twice daily for HBP. Thanks.