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My heart skipps beats after I exercise and does it fairly often. It will beat twice skip. Beat 3or 4 times than skip It usually on skipps one beat at a time. It goes back to normal with a heart rate of in the 60s and blood pressure of about 115 over 67 but that varies. I feel a funny fealing sometime in my chest but it all goes away as I go on after exercise. I am on med for evening out my heart plus 1 1/2 mil of zanix. Is there a problem and can I keep exercising.
Bill Davis

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Based on your account of frequent irregular heart beat following exercise, you may want to consider lowering the intensity of your workout. Your resting heart rate and blood pressure are consistent with good health. You should definitely continue to exercise as this is good for your health. If you are under a doctor's care for anxiety disorder, does your doctor know about your heart problem?



hope everything is going well with you.

I am also experiencing the same after a 10min HIIT exercise.
I Haven't consulted a physician yet as I know its a common occurrence but sometimes it kinda bothers me.