Hi I'm 16 years old, virgin, male and I have been having a problem for about 2 years now. I am very scared to go to the doctors. My diet is not bad but its not amazing. I cant remember if anything caused this to happen but it was abrupt. At first, all the time I would get a sensation that urine is leaking in my boxers for the whole day. It stressed me out a lot. The weird thing was whenever I checked my boxers they would be completely dry. I started not being able to tell if I had or not because I would sweat a lot because of the stress and I couldn't tell if it was urine or sweat. I started straining my penis after every time I went to the toilet so none would leak out. I think I took this overboard cause of my OCD and maybe I damaged something. More problems started to come up over time. As of right now I am really scared and am going to the doctors tomorrow. Here are my problems: Slight burn when I urinate, Whenever I defecate I urinate as well, My bladder and constantly feels under pressure and full even if I had just been to the toilet, gas noises constantly come from my intestine area. needing to pee and barely comes out and it comes out in weird patterns feels like its being blocked then reopened. Weird sensations, cant tell if they are painful or not around my pelvic floor muscle area, and sometimes sensations in my urethra, I have gotten really bad constipation recently and it caused me to get hemorrhoids, When I urinate I have to push really hard from the start and I get about 2 seconds of strong flow then it weakens and then stops I have to push even harder and I get a sensation of urine filling my penis then when I retracts the muscles it shoots urine, When I need to go the toilet, I sometimes get random shivers. When I need to urinate I cant retract the muscles for longer then 2 seconds but urine doesn't come out. and Finally I've noticed that my erections aren't strong. Please can someone give me advice or have an idea of what's going on cause I am really scared!